Dianne is fabulous with the kids! My daughter is in the preschool aged class, and Dianne handles this difficult age group with ease. Her experience helps her to understand developmental levels and the kids all love and respect her. She has an amazing memory for details that literally astounds me as well. She makes every child and family feel important, and the kids get not only an increased sense of what their bodies can do, but also the self confidence that comes with learning a new skill. Dianne also does fun parties during class to celebrate holidays that the kids really enjoy. Their dance recital at the end of the year is professional, beautiful and will amaze you with the talent she has developed. I would definitely recommend Dianne’s Dance World!
Julie D., Mother of Dance Student
My daughter has learned so much from Dianne’s Dance World! CONFIDENCE, DISCIPLINE, and most of all to Dance! “She loves dancing in the rain!” Her smile and poise began with Dianne!!! Through the words of the notorious song “I hope you dance” has become a bright future for my daughter. I am proud of all the blessings she has received from Dianne’s Dance World.
Christina S., Mother of Dance Student
My daughter has been attending Dianne’s Dance World for the past 5 seasons, since she was 2! Dianne makes each child attending her studio feel very special. She knows each student and their families. She always has a kind voice and a smile. I especially feel Dianne does a great job of accommodating family’s needs and highlighting the students’ strengths. Dianne does an excellent job of preparing the young students for the BIG STAGE. My daughter is shy but every year she can’t wait until recital time. Dianne’s recitals are beautiful productions and it always is a great ending to a fun year! I am very thankful to Dianne and her staff for the experiences my daughter has received. I feel my daughter has been taught confidence, poise, responsibility and patience, in addition to dancing and tumbling skills. I recommend Dianne’s most highly!
DeeAnna G., Mother of Dance Student
After going through a very professionally run dance school myself growing up, I wanted my daughter to have the same experience. The first dance school I had her in, I was very disappointed in. I asked some of our babysitters about dance schools, and they all said Dianne’s in Pekin. After just the first class, I knew I had her in the right dance school. Dianne’s school is very professionally run as well as having multiple staff members in one class. I think that helps any dancer learn the moves correctly. Dianne makes it a learning experience, as well as fun for all the dancers.
Katie S., Mother of Dance Student
The thing we love about Dianne’s Dance World is the family atmosphere. I danced there and my two daughters are there now. She learns all the girls names incredibly fast and knows most of their birthdays by heart. It’s the kind of place where you always feel warm and welcomed and every week my girls eagerly anticipate “dance night!”
Shannon S., Dancer and Mother of Dance Student

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