Ballet classes are designed to help with coordination, balance, elegance, and finesse. The art of ballet has been around for centuries as an expression of beauty and flawless movement that moves the masses. Our atmosphere makes learning the art of ballet fun and engaging for our students. Feel free to contact us to ask questions or learn about the next available class! Contact Us


Tap is a fusion between music and dance by literally making music with your feet. This percussive style is a unique style and a blast to learn! Tap teaches students a sense of rhythm and precision. Our students learn basic patterns all the way through choreographed song routines for our annual recital! Tap gets the heart pumping with quick motions and jumps. Contact us today to find out about the next available class. Contact Us


After becoming a bit hit in the 1950’s, modern jazz has captured the hearts of audiences all across the world. We utilize the fun and spunky attitude that is jazz to engage our students while they learn the different moves and techniques of the style. Jazz develops strength and flexibility. Contact us to find out more about the next available class and sign up! Contact Us


Learn basic tumbling skills, such as somersaults and cartwheels, then advance up to back flips and tucks, all performed without the use of specialized apparatus. From beginner to advanced we offer tumbling classes that benefit both strength and coordination. A class where everyone can be a star! Contact us today to get started and find out about the next available class! Contact Us


Expressive dance and dynamic movement are the cornerstones of lyrical dance. With roots in ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance, this style is fun, like a physical portrayal of inner poetry. Lyrical classes are for the intermediate to advanced students that enjoys an expressive form of dance incorporating emotion and movements. Contact us today to find out more and learn about our next available class! Contact Us


En pointe refers to the ballet dance utilizing the style of dancing on the tips of toes for a whimsical and elegant style of dance. This classical ballet technique is unique and beautiful. Pointe is for the intermediate to advanced ballet dancer who has developed the proper placement and strength to dance on pointe shoes. Contact us today to find out more about our pointe classes and sign up! Contact Us


An adult only tap class is also available at Dianne’s Dance World. This rhythmic class goes above and beyond allowing our adult students a fun and friendly atmosphere to work out and perfect the art of tap from single taps to full choreography. Contact us today to learn about our class availability! Contact Us

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